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Thread: A formal meeting between Soran and Cambridge Universities

  1. #1 A formal meeting between Soran and Cambridge Universities 
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    Friday 18/7/2014 on the Cambridge University’s call, a delegation from Soran University visited Cambridge University. The delegation included; Dr. Nahro Zagros, Dr. Said Shams and Dr. Tyler Fisher. The delegation held the first formal meeting of Soran University with Cambridge University. “The meeting concluded with many significant decisions for doing mutual academic projects between the two Universities’’ Dr. Nahro said about the meeting.

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    Kamaran, this is a discussion forum, not a medium for you to advertise your university. Did you have something you actually wanted to discuss. If not I shall be deleting this thread. In the meantime do not start any similar threads.
    If I do not receive a response within 48 hours I shall delete the thread, since that would indicate you are not interested in any responses to your posts.

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