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    Hello everyone!
    I am a 15 year old male soon to be a softmore in highshool this year. I deeply love science and my interest is on physics. When I was 5 years old I always loved science and wanted to be a scientist, however Ive desided to become a engineer and work on aero space stuff. I love engineering and learning how to build scientific things. I aim to major on science and engineering when I get into collage but as I said before my main interest is physics. I deeply love to
    learn about time and space, time traveling, multiverses and all those theories out there. I love reading articles and learning about them in my spare time. I wish to meet alot of cool people on here and learn much more about physics. My favorite scientist is Steven Hawking and I wish to learn more about other scientist. I live in USA and I am half asian and half white. I hope to be able to meet people my age thats interested in physics.
    I hope to meet cool people on here soon.
    Thanks for reading!


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