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    My name is Thomas V. (Tom) Moore, and I hope to participate in forums relating to cosmology. I have had an interest in the subject for a large portion of my 78 years, but other activities have precluded keeping up and extending my mathematics skills. I have been relegated to reading popular explanations of cosmology provided by Greene, Young, and others. Recently, an idea occurred to me that provided a plausible explanation of the universe, its history, and its mysteries including black holes, dark matter, and dark energy. Luckily for me, no math is involved -- the idea is based on recent photos and maps of the universe, and the assumption that everything we see is exactly what it appears to be. I'm still feeling my way around the website, but I look forward to participating in serious discussions relating to my ideas, and those of others. I look forward to our interchanges.

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    Welcome to town TV, the characters here are very interesting. Hope you enjoy these folks as much as I do.

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    Welcome to the forum, Tom. I look forward to what you have to share based on your interests and your significant interval of observation. I like your hypothesis that "everything we see is exactly what it appears to be."

    I would suggest that the challenge arises when people observe a thing from different perspectives. We devise tests and instruments to verify the accuracy of our observations, yet it still comes down to the point of observation, does it not? More of a rhetorical question than one demanding of an immediate response. Once again, welcome.
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