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    I've just stumbled across this forum because of a question I wanted to ask. My science interest is twofold:

    1. I'm just a Joe Bloggs off the street who's interested in science - no specialism or qualification involved. Strictly popular science, especially as concerns human evolution, the evolution of the human mind, evolutionary psychology (I know, I know - treat with caution) and related fields; also medical science (I work in an academic library specialising in health fields, so I have a bit of an idea of how medical trials are conducted and evaluated, especially by systematic reviews). Also the history and development of science and scientific thought, making sure I understand the scientific method properly and why it works, and the relationship between science and religion (see 2.). I have fully mastered quantum mechanics and tried explaining it to Feynman, but he just didn't get it.

    2. I was formerly blinded by the wicked heresy of Christian fundamentalism, but have seen the light and asked the Blessed St Dawkins into my heart. Hence my interest in why people believe weird things - and yes, I have read some of Shermer on the subject - very enlightening! It's made me try to master at least the outlines of why evolution is true and exactly why the scientific method works. I've reached the stage of feeling privileged to live at a time when the neurological sciences can reveal at least some of the mechanisms for belief, which has stripped away any lingering doubt I may have had about atheism.

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