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Thread: Finally I found a place where I can express my Ideas and keep in-touch with the latest innovations!

  1. #1 Finally I found a place where I can express my Ideas and keep in-touch with the latest innovations! 
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    Hey guys,

    My name is Damjan Milanovski, and I live in Kumanovo witch is a small town in Macedonia (Central Balkan). Before everything, I'm and artist, I play guitar and lots of other instruments. I have a great love for music, in such a way that has led me to science. I also study at the Macedonian University of Saints Cyril and Methodius in the branch of wood industry, design and innovative technologies. I see the world as an endless playground of matter enchanted with unknown - unstudied life forces that create things in a certain way. I am fascinated by the work of the great Nikola Telsa, and as well as he taught us through his inventions, I embrace the future world of new capabilities.

    I came here on this forum to try to connect with people like me. I have lot's of ideas on many different categories and subjects, through discussions I ask for help from the fellow respected members of the Science Forum. Hope to learn!


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    "And, behold, I come quickly;" Revelation 22:12

    "Religions are like sausages. When you know how they are made, you no longer want them."
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    Welcome to the forum Damjan, I hope you enjoy your future experiences here.
    I am rather new myself but I have found the members to be quite nice and there are a lot of Knowledgeable people here.
    In any case I hope you find what you are looking for here.
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    Welcome to the forum. I hope you find plenty to interest and inspire you here.
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