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    I am an undergraduate student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and am currently enrolled in a independent study plant science course. We are currently conducting experiments based on prairie restoration and seed growth. Mostly what we have done so far is calculate seed germination and post experiment write-ups.

    Prairie restoration is a very important project in and around Nebraska with hundreds of species including birds, mammals, and insects that rely on the prairie for food and shelter. The grasses, shrubs, and flowers of these ecosystems provide a habitat for these animals to thrive and prosper.

    I am currently trying to work on a seed pathology experiment where I want to inoculate the seeds with a certain fungus to see a time lapse of the effects the fungus may have on a prairie plant. I just want to know other ways I may be able to go about doing the experiment?

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    Are you doing this in a greenhouse or in outdoor plots? Might make a difference to what we can and can't usefully suggest.

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