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Thread: Aspiring Scientist, Bad at Math

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    Hey all. I'm just an aspiring scientist who is bad at advanced math. I dream of being an explorer of the unknown and college tried to crush those dreams. I now have a non-scientific major but am not giving up on being a researcher. If anyone has any advice on finding funding for research expeditions without a degree I am open to suggestions.

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    I am also terrible at math but welcome to the forums.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ssk1777 View Post
    I am also terrible at math but welcome to the forums.
    That makes 4 of us.
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    I would suggest that critical thinking skills are required before you even start worrying about the maths. Your maths may be poor, but rational thought appears to be nonexistent.
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    You are unlikely to get funding for research in any field until you've demonstrated expertise.

    You might want to consider amature or obseravational science related hobbies such as bird watching and reporting, recording and reporting rainfall through several large networks, or something similar.
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    Given the following post by you in another thread, I see a career in the custodial industry or food service. Believe me, lack of math skills isn't your only problem.

    I am planning an expedition to the north pole to confirm once and for all the presence/absence of an entrance to the Inner Earth. Any advice, save for insults at believing in the theory of the hollow Earth, are welcome. Any who wish to be a part of this expedition may PM me.
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    If anyone has any advice on finding funding for research expeditions without a degree I am open to suggestions.
    One way would be to follow Peter Sinclair's example. It's taken him several years to establish himself as a blogger and video maker. But he's got so involved in following the various scientists who work on Greenland and on glaciers generally that he managed to crowd-source the funds for an expeditions for the "Dark Snow" project. And he went along too.

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