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Thread: how to work with this forum please tell iam new to the forum

  1. #1 how to work with this forum please tell iam new to the forum 
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    how to use the forum

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    There are a number of ways to use the forum.

    1. If you have a question about science that you have been unable to answer by searching for informaiton online, or asking a teacher, then you could start a thread in which you explain what you want to know. If your question, for example, was about the size of the planet Mars you would go to the sub-forum on Astronomy and start a thread there, in the same way you started this thread.

    2. You might read an answer to such a question and disagree with it, or have additional information about it. You could then post your information in that thread. This might lead to a dialogue with other members on the subject.

    3. In other threads, especially the political or historical threads, you may choose to express opinions rather than scientific facts.

    Al in all, you use the forum just as you would an interaction with friends and acquaintances in a cafeteria, except using writing rather than speaking.

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