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Thread: An aspiring cosmologist student Looking for a friendly crowd

  1. #1 An aspiring cosmologist student Looking for a friendly crowd 
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    Hello everyone, I'm Bobby, or Bob, or just Positron43.

    I'm currently a physics undergrad in my sophomore year (though I just switched to physics, so I am not where you would think in my classes) and I hope to continue school up to a doctorate in astrophysics or cosmology. I deeply enjoying learning about all forms of science and mathematics, and spend my free time looking up articles and new research topics. I have five years of robotics design and programming experience before going into college, and I continue it as a private hobby as well. I'm currently in the midst of trying to get an undergrad research grant to work with a friend in the field of Psychology so as to perform an experiment to help us better understand how the physical world acts upon our unconscious mind. Feel free to ask me about it or anything.


    PS. Forgot to mention, I also remain a high school robotics part time mentor.

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    Hey hello there Bob sounds like you'll have fun here, also don't forget to check out the new physics forum it's got some pretty involved discussions going on in there The Physics Forum.

    So welcome and enjoy!

    Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it. - confucius
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