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    Dirty annoying bars on screens that prompt me despite my rebellious nature which I now contradict to post an introduction.

    Nonetheless, hello, Lurked for a while then couldn't pass up saying something about aliens in a topic.

    I'm a computer engineer, with a penchant for reading physics and mechanics, and a healthy curiosity. Bohm's book in earlier years catapulted me into that interest and as for my occupation, it is more out of ease, as I find math and computers easy and logical as much so as I find women not so (you know I thought about removing that, but then thought hell, it's my experience anyways). Botany, physics, math and theology are my passions that work themselves out in my life in various ways from brewing beer, to manufacturing hot sauce, exotic gardening, and sitting around with my thumb up my arse postulating while reading obscure journals and books.

    Anyways hello, most of you will probably dislike me, and it's ok I dislike people in general too. Most of it comes from an inner arrogance that all possess but none do quite as well as me. (I also don't hold up signs for sarcasm).

    Presenting differing opinions is what I like best as it challenges me the most. I don't like people. I believe all grammar nazis should go to hell. I don't care enough.

    All that being said I am sure we will get along famously!

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