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Thread: Hi guys I'm William :D

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    Hey guys my name is William I am 14 and I dont know why but science has just fascinated me throughout my life at the weirdest moments. I think of science as a tool for me to become smarter because it just never gets boring. When I'm in school I am acknowleged as the overachiever and ever since I was in the 6th grade I would go home print out 10 pages of any topic in physics and astronomy that interested me and I would just read everything. I find that science can fascinate anybody and that is really impressive because I told my teacher about Particle Accelerators one day and before I grauduated this June he told me "When you told me about these things last year I was like, THATS CRAZY! now you're graduating and a year later you're graduating, I feel like you've been more of a teacher to me than I have to you because you taught me that education doesn't have to be boring." I'm just here to hear everyones opinions on my ideas and hopefully I can learn from your ideas too!

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    Welcome aboard. Since it is a Science board, you won't be bored.
    Sorry, I guess that joke was a little untoward.

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