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    Hello there!

    My name is Joshua, and I am fifteen. I love science, all science, but I spend most of my evening either out with my telescope, or in my lab with all the chemicals.

    I reckoned that coming online and meeting other science enthusiasts (like yourselves) was an excellent way to enjoy science with others across the globe.

    I'd love it if someone could perhaps show me around and give me a heads up as to what is what on this site


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    Hi Joshua, great start that you already love science, yeah many people here from various different countries.

    The site is fairly self explanatory, you'll soon get the hang of it, so best to dive right in. Anything you don't understand don't be afraid to ask, everyone's friendly and will be more than happy to help someone new.

    All that remains is for me to wish you welcome to the forum.

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    Welcome! A lab eh? Nice one. So what is it you like to do in your lab?
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    It's clear to me that he is referencing a meth lab.
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