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Thread: Too nerdy to function!

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    Greetings fellow braniacs!

    Allow me to introduce myself: I'm a 29 year old woman from Norway who is deeply interested in anything science and knowledge related, unfortunately my current batch of friends tend to be interested in other things such as reality shows and getting drunk every weekend. Don't get me wrong, I am known to have been found hurling my guts out on a street corner from very daring alcohol consumption, but it gets old quite fast and so am I! So I thought I'd join this forum in order to spark some interesting conversations and possibly make a few friends.

    Nice to meet you all!

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    Dogbox in front of Dywyddyr's house.
    Welcome to the show.

    "MODERATOR NOTE : We don't entertain trolls here, not even in the trash can. Banned." -Markus Hanke
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    Welcome to the Science Forum.
    Pleased to meet you and I am looking forward to your contributions.
    "The only safe rule is to dispute only with those of your acquaintance of whom you know that they possess sufficient intelligence and self-respect not to advance absurdities; to appeal to reason and not to authority, and to listen to reason and yield to it; and, finally, to be willing to accept reason even from an opponent, and to be just enough to bear being proved to be in the wrong."

    ~ Arthur Schopenhauer, The Art of Being Right: 38 Ways to Win an Argument (1831), Stratagem XXXVIII.
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    Welcome to the Forum

    I am looking forward to read your thoughts ideas and views

    Id love to visit Norway
    (thought all things being equal I have a preference for Hawaiian type climate )
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