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Thread: An artist and philosopher who had to become a scientist

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    Iím Christina Sponias from Sao Paulo, Brazil, but I live in Athens, Greece because my family is Greek, and for many other reasons.

    I was a literature writer during my childhood and adolescence, but I had to become a scientist when I became a young adult. I understood that I was neurotic and I looked for psychotherapy by reading many scientific books.

    This was the beginning of my long journey. I continued Carl Jungís research about the meaning of dreams and our mental health.

    I love science, the same way I love philosophy, religion, and art.

    I believe that we have to pay attention to everything at the same time if we want to find wisdom.

    Science is really fantastic because it gives us many explanations. When I was in the beginning of my research I felt as if I was born to be a scientist. However, later I understood how important my artistic, religious, and philosophical background was during my research.

    Iím glad I found this interesting forum, and I hope to have very interesting discussions here.

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    Makes you well rounded- you can argue from many positions.

    Some of us, such as myself- will speak disparagingly of philosophy. Keep your wits about you.

    But being an artistic person is a boon as well as having experience in journalism.
    Welcome aboard.
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    Welcome to the forum.
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