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Thread: Introducing aittygooglet1597.

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    I would like to introduce a new member, aittygooglet1597, to the Science Forum.
    This "individual" is a male. His location is Haiti and gives his "occupation" as Haiti. I am not entirely clear about his interests. He became a member on March 4th 2013 and, based on past experience, it's a safe bet he will never post.
    Whether the name belongs to a real person or, much more likely, is computer generated I don't understand the reasoning behind joining this, or any other, Internet forum.
    I thought the whole point of the exercise was to provide a link in order to encourage others to enter another website to buy some item or even to introduce a virus into the computers of those who clicked on the link. Do the Moderators here remove such a link?
    Can anyone tell me what the motives of "aittygooglet" are?

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    It does look like a spammer, but I'm not sure what the strategy is. Possibly a sleeper, just racking up time to get around anti-spam criteria based on membership date. Maybe the spammer is just practicing their CAPTCHA solving skills.

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