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Thread: Small intro.......all about one.....for the world to know.

  1. #1 Small intro.......all about one.....for the world to know. 
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    Hello, I would like to introduce myself as an enthusiast of that which is scientific and any application possible.Surely,one must understand the plus and minus of the unknown. You must also ask why all of mankind is here on this planet and our soul purpose for being here as well. I consider myself very mechanicaly inclined yet some what capable of going beyond all else. As many books read, curiosity leads to greater things from knowledge obtained. Spiritual but merky waters I dare not question or devil in but, that which is tangible with extreme caution is far better than playing with "GOD". I am N.Y. born with an artistic talent at age 5 though,creativity has lead me to forsee the future of bigger and better things.I am 56 years old living in north Carolina and have been anxious to contribute some idea to science and the world.Hopefully I will connect with others through this site and create ideas or disscuss all..

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    Welcome to the forum pebody. Do keep in mind that it is not the function of science to answer questions such as "Why are we here?" I hope you find plenty of things to discuss that will interest you.

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