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    I am getting hooked on genetics- both transmission genetics and molecular genetics but I do not say that I am good at them. My purpose of joining registering here is to meet other science enthusiasts not necessarily confined to biology. I believe that it will be fun and cool to exchange ideas. You know something I do not know yet for sure, I know something you do not know. In that sense, it will be an intellectual venue for exchange of knowledge. I am cool and love to deal with serious matter in a wacky way. What I mean is, my personality is easy but that doesn't mean that I don't get into serious matters. Well, hope to meet people who love to talk about the known and yet to be known. God bless everyone.

    Carlo Ho

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    Welcome to the forum. You seem to have a similar view of knowledge to myself: we are all ignorant of most things, but where there is overlap there is room for dialogue.

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