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    Hello all! I came across this forum while researching benefits and/or dangers of consuming Diatomaceous Earth. I'm very interested in any info I can get about holistic health treatments for Candida overgrowth (yeast) and related topics. Looking forward to it! Thanks

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    Years ago, I remember a gentleman in the neighborhood being diagnosed with Candida overgrowth and it was the first time that many of us had ever heard the term. It took a regular physician with an interest in alternative medicine to make the diagnosis as the rest of the medical community of that time was quite baffled.

    As I recall, he was treated strictly through dietary change, eliminating all forms of foods that included yeast, all sources of sugar including most fruit and all refined and processed foods for several months. He was allowed to eat plenty of unprocessed meat, fish and vegetables save for butter, eggs and yogurt. No caffeine or alcohol were the restrictions that bothered him the most.

    He pretty much followed all the advice given at the following link and he recovered from the overgrowth and lost weight as well.

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