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Thread: Hey, I'm Joe (Atumisk)

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    I'm just a small town nobody from Maine.
    As of a couple years ago, I packed my bags and traveled the country as a DJ and Producer. It's something i still do, but what I loved to do in my free time between train hopping and couch surfing, was look at the stars.
    I found myself asking crazy questions I've always thought about, but never really found a solution to.
    I'd go to wifi hot spots and for hours watch Documentaries on Science and Engineering, and Cosmetology on Netflix, and I started picking up Science magazines and reading biographies and interviews.
    I'm terrible at Math, but I'm a logical thinker. I can do it in my head much better than I can write it properly on paper.
    And this all led me here.

    I'm out to learn, and discover and share ideas and make some new friends in a newer crowd.
    It's a pleasure to meet all of you.
    I'll see you around

    -Joseph Charles

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    Welcome to the forum.

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    Welcome although it's a bit creepy seeing your avatar looking so much like my last mugshot.
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    Welcome to the (in my opinion) best forum around!
    "No army is stronger than an idea whose time has come." - Victor Hugo

    Dywyddyr - "You're rather good at denying reality, aren't you?"
    Plautus - "False."
    Dywyddyr - "And you've done it again. Well done. Would you like a biscuit?"
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