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    Dear Scientific Community

    Warn greetings to you

    I am S.Hameedullah Sherief working as a Researcher in Fisheries college and Research Institute, Thoothukudi. Nowadays i am working in Cloning and trasfection using GFP based and clone based plasmid DNA & RNA, in this, now i am working in GFP based Transfection using 1Micrograme GFP based plasmid DNA & 1Microliter Lipofectamine. We mesure the volume of the GFP plasmid DNA (in 7 Micro liter Solution contains 1050 Mirograme of GFP plasmid DNA ). but didn't find any Green Fluorescence in the test complex. Here kindly give some suggestion to find out the exact volume of Plasmid DNA to transfect.

    I feel lucky if i got exact answer and suggestion.

    By Sherief

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