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    Hi Guys,

    I am a curious layman who stumbled across this forum whilst looking for evidence of the mind moving (sub) atomic particles.
    I remember as a school kid watching Strontium 90 atoms tracking through a cloud chamber & years later I read somewhere that somebody had altered the course of the atoms using telekinesis!
    Does anybody have any ideas/opinions about this?

    BTW I hail from East Coast of Australia and am an older dude (1955)

    Best regards to all forum members,
    Chris (Roto)

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    It isn't possible to change a quantum state by thinking about it. However, during an experiment one the various possibilities actually occurs. It is possible to set up a state so that two events are linked. The occurrence of a possible result in the first event tells you what the result of the second event will be. It is possible to set up experiments so that one person determines the first result and later a second person determines the second. The second persons experiment looks to him like a normal quantum experiment with many possible results, but the first experiment has already determined which result will actually occur. This is frequently referred to as quantum teleportation. Could this be what you read about?

    Am even older dude (1940)

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