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Thread: Diatomaceous Earth and Raw Applecider Vinegar

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    I used to get a bronchitis every winter or some kind of friggin' flu bug. Without fail. Then winter of 2009 while sick I looked on line to see if there was some type of home remedy. That's when I found out about the raw unfiltered type of apple cider vinegar. Long story short it works. Yeah sometimes you can still get under the weather. If ya get somethin real bad just drink a tsp. of it in a glass of water every 30 min-60 min till you feel really better. Simple.
    Now similar story with the Diatomaceous Earth(D.E.). Again long story short. Brought some bed bugs home from the laundromat. Freaked out. Went online. Found D.E. gets rid of them, and other arthropods. Also came across people saying it did wonders for the overall health. No lie, I though they were nut jobs. So I did more reading, and wound up here. Bottom line first time I tried D.E. only went with half a teaspoon(tsp.). Ha! With no immediate ill affect, I up the dosage to to a full tsp. Again no ill affect. Within two days I had made it up to a heaping tablespoon. Within a week my should problem which had been dogging me for a few months was gone. Getting up in the morning seems to be easier a lot easier. Soreness that you get from workouts seems to be minimized causing me to work out with more frequency. Just getting back into it to. Basically makes me feel like I've got an oil change. If that makes any sense.

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    Last time I got an oil change, I was told I needed high mileage and possibly to switch to synthetic.

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