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    Been thinking about joining a discussion of science and today I just searched it and this site came up first, I got to say it looks impressive with all the categories. I have interests in the truth in Space. I feel interested in the religious science category, let's see how that works for me, I'm no pro. I only heard of before that there is studies of religion on the broad term. I try my best to have an open mind. I also like soccer, as sport. I'm also interested in Philosophy, which I have tried off and on, not that often in my life. Let's see how that goes for me, too. I usually am serious person, but some days my emotion drags me down; I'll try to stick with what other people are saying when I get in those moods. I have knowledge of Islam, I read all the Qur'an and now nearly done reading the Torah. Next, I do have to read the whole bible from start, right? Then learn Hebrew, Arabic, Greek for religion purposes, maybe... I'll start with Hebrew. English is my mother language. I love both the Qur'an and the Torah. I read one chapter of the New Testament, some parts I like, some I couldn't agree with. I live my life avoiding pork and shellfish. Religion does not have to be the only thing that I will talk about on here, I like health, but not today,the first day I'm on this.. My mood will and shall differ in topics, feel free to talk with me regarding my posts or this intro itself. Peace, y'all.

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