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Thread: Changing the behavior of genes and neurons by a non chemical,non surgical process

  1. #1 Changing the behavior of genes and neurons by a non chemical,non surgical process 
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    I am a criminologist,working in the field for the last more than twenty years and also a Yoga practitioner.I have found/developed a process by virtue of which you can delete some of genetic text,perhaps also change the genetic code and genome,affect the production of amino acids and proteins and thereby change the behavior of genes and neurons, by creating space in them, by deleting some of obnoxious, crime generating programmes and refilling them by positive programmes or stimulus and in turn changing behavior of individuals but not the resources to propagate the concept/idea.Any body who can help or suggest ways to tell the world about this whole process which can change a lot of ideas,things and our ways to tackle criminality.

    I am working on crime reduction programmes for the last more than twenty years and developed/propounded a concept by virtue of which you can change the genetic code,genome and the behavior of genes and neurons by specially designed techniques which does not involve any chemical or surgical method.By this process you can delete files from neurons,create space in them, perhaps affect the production of amino acids and proteins by feeding proper stimulus/programmes. I can't discuss all details here and need a forum to project this invention . Can any one help in this endeavor.

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    Ramesh, I have merged your other Intro post with this one.

    I can tell you though, your ideas will not be received favourably here. Perhaps you need to go to an alternative medicine forum or something?

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