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Thread: Hello, this seems like an interesting place....

  1. #1 Hello, this seems like an interesting place.... 
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    Totnes in Devon, Mumbai and StAlban-Auriolles in Southern France
    Hi, I've always been interested in science in general although I am a chemist by profession. Graduated from the University of Sussex many years ago and have been involved in chemistry ever since. However I have a wide and general interest in science and in scientific method. I'm a fairly keen atheist and rationalist sceptic and I enjoy a good robust debate on just about any aspect of (hard) science. I work in India for six months of the year and in the other six months I split my time between Totnes in Devon where I have a home and the Ardeche region of Southern France where my partner lives. When I'm not helping Indians understand the concept of scientific method, I'm out taking photographs and hunting for interesting plants and animals.

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    Very welcome indeed Jeaunse23!

    I hope you enjoy your stay.

    Disclaimer: I do not declare myself to be an expert on ANY subject. If I state something as fact that is obviously wrong, please don't hesitate to correct me. I welcome such corrections in an attempt to be as truthful and accurate as possible.

    "Gullibility kills" - Carl Sagan
    "All people know the same truth. Our lives consist of how we chose to distort it." - Harry Block
    "It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it." - Aristotle
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    You look like a busy guy, many notable hobbies. Wish i ever brought myself to taking up photography. But i'm still young, i guess i can still learn ..
    Growing up, i marveled at star-trek's science, and ignored the perfect society. Now, i try to ignore their science, and marvel at the society.

    Imagine, being able to create matter out of thin air, and not coming up with using drones for boarding hostile ships. Or using drones to defend your own ship. Heck, using drones to block energy attacks, counterattack or for surveillance. Unless, of course, they are nano-machines in your blood, which is a billion times more complex..
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    Hi there and welcome to the forum.
    “The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts.”

    Bertrand Russell
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