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    Hey there, you can call me Poison.

    I'm a 21 year old who has a variety of interests. For some time now, I've realized that I find just about any field interesting and could practically immerse myself in any given field if we did not live in a society in which intelligence and labor are highly specialized and force its members to become specialized in certain fields as well. I'd also do it if frankly, I was rich enough to have the leisure time to read books on whatever I wanted.

    I'm a feminist, philosopher, sociologist, politically radical, who enjoys intellectual debate, board games, going to lectures and museums, writing, sitting in nature, research, reading, meeting (unconventional) people, drinking coffee, and finding ways to deprogram myself from the irrational habits this society imposes upon most of us. I'm hoping to just learn more on this site, meet others who will get me to sharpen my thinking, present my thoughts on a variety of things and get some critical feedback. Hopefully, I'm forced to improve my writing also.

    I've seen some pretty good posts and debates go on in this site, and I've learned much just from reading them from time to time. But I've finally decided it's about time that I become an active user on this site instead of someone who just takes in information and raises questions from a distance.

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