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    Hello everyone I have been lurking on this site now for some time. I have decided to man up and join.

    I have always been interested in various feilds of sceince. Mostly physics and history (is that a sceince? LOL).

    Anyway looking forward to asking some questions and hopefully maybe adding something to this forum.

    I am also interested in the lastest tech. It is just mind blowing how fast that we a progressing.

    One question, how do you get the spell check to work. As much as it shames me I must admit my spelling is not the best, it has always bothered me, but I tend to spell things the way they sound in my head, which for some reason seems to be different from the way everyone else hear's them.

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    I don't think we have a working spellcheck built into the forum. Some people write their posts in Word, spell check there, then copy to the forum.

    Welcome, by the way.

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