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Thread: Hello (My cartoons and I)

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    Good day,

    I've recently gotten into creating short comics about different aspects of science. The comics range in difficulty, or depth, of the information to which the division of science is referring. Some liberties are also taken to allow these little cartoons to work well. Since I don't want to spam the forums with each cartoon (I have a facebook page for that) I'm just here to introduce myself and hopefully introduce some of you to QuantumQuips. Thanks for your time. I hope you enjoy.

    Knock Knock...
    Who's there?
    Quantum Tunneling...
    Quantum Tun-
    Never mind. I'm inside. Thanks anyway.

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    Hello!! Please do not shake all that dust on my clean floor! westwind.

    Words words words, were it better I caught your tears, and washed my face in them, and felt their sting. - westwind
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