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    This, a first time registration,on a science forun site.Having, often visited science forum sies,have been reluctant,to engage.I,am eager to absorb all,that the knowlegable paticpants ,are kind enough to share.I,thank all contributors ,for all your support.I,may not post often,but will hang in as can be.My greatest,passion in life ,has been to understand er\verthing about:The,How and Why of every thing.Having no formal education at all,due to undignosed ADD ,and clincal depression ,in a time and local where: If, a student did not respond,due to lack of concentration ,no effort by school or parent,resulted in,not falling between the cracks,but being pushed through the ,crack and labeled -uneducable.Even thogh aceing all in-class tests ,being school spelling bee champion in the district,but unable to focus on a teacher's voice;turn in any homework for 13 1/2 years,read any whole book,no one ever spoke to me,except a elementary principle who said :You have the second highest i.q. test score we'v had in this school,so stop fooling around!I,was not,fooling,but throughout my life ,family and teachers labeled me ,stupid .As an aged adult,with years of therapy /and still no formal education,am pursuing my greatest life time desire :to gain as much knowledge about my universe,it's orgin and probable changes,be it reclaims al my bosons.Thanks,fot giving Me ,anew classroom /one that I look forward to ,keeping "in focus". C1 (no reply neede4d@!)

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    hello carbonone... i haven't been here that long either, its pretty addictive.

    Just start a new thread when you have a question, or join in with other threads.

    I don't mean to sound off with you but if you start a new line each time you finish a sentence in your posts, it makes it a lot easier for people like me to read.

    Good luck with ypur pursuit of of understanding...

    P.S I didn't notice the comment about no reply needed... I struggle to concentrate sometimes, you know what I mean?

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