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Thread: Hi from the armpit of the north west

  1. #1 Hi from the armpit of the north west 
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    Hi there!

    I'm your typical average armchair amateur learner science boffin and enjoy checking out youíre your ideas and comments on this forum, some interesting and some a little farfetched.
    I would like to post a few comments myself, I canít promise many answers but plenty of (hopefully thought provoking) questions.

    Appropriately, Curiosity is just sending back its first images of Mars as I write this, which is all very impressive indeed, but living in the Pilbarra (NW Western Australia), I just have to walk out onto the verandah and it looks exactly the damn same as any snap shot of Mars I've seen - red dirt and red rocks! There's not much in the way of life in Port Hedland either, water is scarce but there's plenty of beer, so all is not lost.

    But the North West, perched twixt the Indian Ocean and the Great Sandy Desert has a beauty worth beholding and I recommend a visit.

    Interesting trivia - They say that Port Hedland is the largest exporting port, by tonnage, in the world, but that as far as I am aware, is it's only claim to fame.

    I wish to join up here, like all of the rest of you, for a little intelligent discourse in various diverse topics. Particularly fascinated by physics, cosmology etc.



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    Hi there and welcome to the forum.

    Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it. - confucius
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    For armchair amateur. Is this looking like an Australian takeover of The Science Forum.? Can see Members calling for an Australian Dictionary. Fair dinkum mate, stone the Wallabys and dong the wombats, we'll be up s**t creek if they gang up on us. Still, I'll try and keep an eye on your back while you're fossiking for Science Knowledge, but I'm sure you'll do fine, just don't hang one on me. Welcome cobber, no bloody flies on this mob....westwind.
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    Words words words, were it better I caught your tears, and washed my face in them, and felt their sting. - westwind
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