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    Is it possible that the answer to the information paradox, dark energy, dark matter and black hole singularities are all connected? I think they may be.

    The way I thought of this was such... Imagine a lake with a rowing boat on it. The surface of the lake is space time. From underneath the boat looks very different. The ends of the oars are just ripples and the boat itself is inverted to a dent in the surface.

    The lake now has waves, eddys and troughs. They are caused by the mass of the heavenly bodies bending space time.

    The planets and galaxies move so the surface of the lake moves too. This is no ordinary lake it moves like a river and it has small whirlpools ( Black holes ) that reach right to the bottom of the lake.

    These whirlpools suck down so hard that some of the water actually disappears (The information paradox). The missing water becomes another lake surface under the original one. The second one acts like the first one but it's movements effect the first one.

    How did the whirlpool do this? As the weak force of gravity is enhanced in the singularity it is sufficient to create the old super force of the big bang theory. It's of such instability and force however that it makes a hole in space time and the information feeds into another parallel universe. This is why dark energy and dark matter are indetectable. We can feel their presence in our own universe but strictly speaking they are not there.

    This other universe is expanding causing ours to expand.

    Let's go back to the lake now. The lake is a sphere with another one or more inside and outside. Our universe is effecting others as we are effected by theirs.The different lakes surfaces are permeble through the holes in their space times.

    I suppose this leads to a new name for the big bang... The big hiss ... many sites for invasion and creation of our universe through multiple ruptures in space time and continued ventage or seepage.

    This would

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    Well hello Howard, that is one interesting introduction, welcome to the forum.

    “The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts.”

    Bertrand Russell
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    Hello Howard!
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