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Thread: Life,with it's enfinite events, can not be understood without the experience. Each life is a different combination of experiencing.This is one of my many experiences. The squirrels experience.

  1. #1 Life,with it's enfinite events, can not be understood without the experience. Each life is a different combination of experiencing.This is one of my many experiences. The squirrels experience. 
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    At 5 years old, my earliest memories of this animal was how I could not tell which fryed pieces of chicken, rabbit, and squirrel where which. This was at a familly gathering at my Grandparents in Livingston Texas. I was not around or didn't notice till years later when I rented a house with a roommate that loved feeding them. He had put a squirrel feeder out side the kitchen window. That spring there where 5 babies playing around this feeder almost every morning. One of these babies was quite obviously the runt. The others would dig up what the smaller one would hide, and even take food directly from the smaller at times. Now this feeder my roommate hung on the tree where we could see the front of plexiglass showing how full. The food was suppose to automaticly refill at the bottom, but would often get clogged. One day while I was watching, and this feeder was clogged, the smaller squirrel figured out how to raise the lid and jumped into the feeder behind the plexiglass and settled in for a feast. The others came running but could not figure out how the smaller got in. It was like a cartoon. They scratched and bit to no avail. To my disbelief this smaller one waited till none of the others where looking before again raising the lid to leave. I thought this a strange coincidence till the next few days I watched as this smaller would come back with the group of babies but watch and wait till they where not looking to climb in and out of the feeder.[ One cannot define the intellect of a species by the intellect of one of the species anymore than you can define the intellect of humanity by one human. I was taught that all life but human was not capable of "The Human Equation" thought, feelings etc., wrong.] We moved to a new house where my roomate put up his squirrel feeder in the front on a tree by the drive be continued

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    I like this. ewynn you have a logical approach to your subject matter. Your descriptive narrative is excellent. In a lot of ways your observations could be equated with a Science Experiment. We need more experimental Science. Actual hands on at the coal face. Then you deduce what is happening. Accurately. Keep your interest in reporting Observations. Record in notebooks what interests you, and later on as maturity and experience guides you, I'm sure you will make your mark. westwind. ( OH, by the way, welcome to Science Forum. ).

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