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    Im from Saratoga county N.Y. and was raised in a country home with my NBC TV/Radio news writer producer director Dad and Mom with a sister and brother. My professional career has taken on many roles in TV Radio and several others. My sports had a great impact on my life. Pushing the limits of the humans mind body technologies.
    Creative Visualization and Universal laws are my guides and those (once understood) control the world around us.

    I have made a scientific discovery in Lightning that is the center piece of our world and the replacement for all our energetic needs. Antimatter from Relativistic Perturbation Mantle. I am developing team oriented corporate structures to grab the steep developmental curves of high energy particle physics for my discoveries with Mantle.

    These technologies are for advancement of the human race in the areas of Transportation, Infrastructure, Space Travel and Dimension Building using high energy particle physics from my discoveries with Mantle.
    Im a great designer of love, fun and excitement and will donate my very best to bring any situation to a perfect end or beginning.
    I believe in the oath of the Knights of the Round Table, Chivalry and Honor.

    fulely's Channel - YouTube
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