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    Hi. I joined here because you have some interesting sections of the forum even though I have not had time to do much reading. I am a Christian creationist (YEC). I run a blog and a website and help administrate a forum. Have owned and run 2 forums and settled helping a friend run one. I am also a webmaster. I repair computers and used to be a car mechanic. Currently I am disabled because of my back and pinched nerve in my leg along with a bad hip joint.

    I like being challenged in debates and I love to learn. I know this might sound strange but I like being proven wrong with "real" evidence because it moves me one step closer to the truth. A person who cannot be proven wrong about something will never find truth.

    To me real truth is somewhat absolute because real truth never changes or gets proven wrong. For one cannot imply that another is wrong or a liar if what he uses may also be proven wrong as well. Only absolute truth can prove someone absolutely wrong. Relative truth can only prove someone relatively wrong which basically does nothing.

    Example: Someone uses evidence to say I am wrong or a liar. Tomorrow that same evidence used to do this gets proven wrong or a fraud itself. Who was really wrong and possibly a liar? And under certain methods does the person who used the said evidence now debunked ever have to admit being wrong and admit to the other party that was the case? Nope because in some circles being right and wrong at the same time is accepted.

    But if a method allows one to be right and wrong at the same time then how do they ever prove anything or be corrected when wrong? They don't and if there is nothing to replace what was wrong they can continue to use what is no longer true but yet imply that it is.

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