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    I'm no brain.
    but i have crazy ideas which if i had a brain of worth might be able to go somewhere.

    i know nothing and so take the simplest item i know of and use these in my construction of my ideas allowing room for more hi tech if needed item to replace them the simple item simple show the purpose and transfer.

    Parabolic Mirror Heater are all over youtube
    but what if we used one to heat a pressure cooker to 2000c
    Solar powered TDP

    if a 46" max exposure can do 1480c then is the above possible

    Could we not press the solid matter into pre fab sheet to use in construction considering they can withstand high temperatures and would probably be water proof.

    If you think it even a vaguely interesting idea contact me
    i have more
    Mini high out put farm (possibly automated)
    New age City self sufficient no need for personal transport inside city limits. 1000 year life span of buildings
    Ice Age Safe City, lol well you name a structure that today could withstand the weight of 9 floors of snow n ice, please!

    LAST BUT NOT LEAST, SPELLING GRAMMER N All that is just not what i do.
    if it offends sorry but it slows my thoughts to paper ratio.

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