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    Just introducing myself to everyone. I am a Junior at the University of Nebraska at Omaha and a Biotech major. (considering changing to bioinformatics?)

    Anywho, I was referred here because some ladies in a natural hair forum basically didn't like that I questioned some of the science of their hair tips. LOL

    Soo haha I will ask you guys since they want to be a snippy about things.

    Basically I am a black female with thick "afro" style hair and have been told that bentonite clay washes will "detox" my hair from all the synthetic ingredients that coat our hair and build up over the week in regular hair products. Thing is, when I hear the word "detox" my head starts to hurt. It's one of those words that signals my BS meter...

    Anywho care to help me out??

    According to these lovely ladies if I buy the Terressentials "Organic Hair Mud" I wont have to use conditioners anymore and that it won't build up on my hair and will detox it from all the bad stuff without stripping my hair..

    1, How the heck is it conditioning if it isn't coating my hair strands?
    2, WTF do they mean detox? When did hair grease become toxic?
    3, Since when was bentonite "organic" that sounds like BS.
    4, If it's absorbent enough to take away toxins, then how would it not strip away my hairs natural oils anyway?
    5, Why aren't they bothered by an obvious misleading statement by this shampoo? These are organic nazi's and not one word is mentioned that the company who makes this is being misleading with what this product actually is?

    anyways.. there we go haha

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