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    I am Harish (and that's my real name), native of India, presently in the US. I found this forum quite by chance, but it was love at first sight.

    My favorite topics are all things related to physics, biochemistry, nanotechnology and astronomy.

    I work with computers day and night but surprisingly hardly interested in computer science. I blame my college teachers for that.

    I am also a humble student of Indic non-dualistic metaphysics, but dont start asking me questions about it! I am "religious", but dont park my brains at the entrance to the temple - my understanding of my "religion" does not require me to.

    I come here in a learning mode and hope to understand all the cerebral stuff people write here.

    Nice meeting you all!

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    Welcome Harish,
    There are certainly many interesting threads here.It is a good place to learn.

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