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    Hello. I am a networking student currently living in Australia.

    Some of my interests are, but not limited to:
    1. UFOs and extraterrestrial intelligence (I say intelligence as opposed to just life) - let's just say I had an experience
    2. Science (especially particle physics, quantum mechanics, and the Multiverse Theory)
    3. History and crap like that (especially pre-history (basically pre-writing))
    4. Paranormal (not a believer at all but I read about it anyway)
    5. Religion (I am an atheist but did Buddhist philosophy at university and love to read and discuss theology). I try not to judge/ hate/ start discussions that turn violent.
    6. Ducks. I love ducks. I am a duck. Quack.
    7. Philosophy. Studied it at university (western and Buddhist philosophy). I am especially interested in metaphysics (explaining the fundamental nature of being and the world).
    8. Languages. I speak a few. Origin of language. Studied sociolinguistics and asian languages at university.
    9. Computer crap - not really interested, although that's what I'm currently doing a diploma in. Computers and technology is simply there and I deal with it.
    10. The number 10 ("ten"). It fascinates me, and life would be very different without it.

    It is by will alone I set my mind in motion.
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    Welcome aboard, pyoko!

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