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    Well hi.

    I was looking over the site a bit before registering and I have some questions.

    Ever since I became interested in science I have been equally interested religion and find them to be inseparable. In fact, as I understand it, science is just another branch of religion. Old technologies were often used to enhance religious practice. The reason I am saying this is as I was looking over the site I noticed what seemed to me to be a disrespect for religion or a lack or credit to it. I guess i just want to know if I am looking at the wrong site, or if there are others who have the same respect I do for all possible faiths (including science).

    I hope I can learn alot here.

    Well, I have looked around a bit more and i see there is lots of diversity here so don't bother answering the question.

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    welcome. I'm pleased you have seen that there are a wide diversity of opinions on the site. Since it is a science forum, the science perspective tends to dominate. However, I completely agree with you that science and religion are not mutually exclusive: they are merely alternate ways of exploring reality. [Though I definitely wouldn't go as far as you in describing science as a branch of religion. Let us say they both had a common ancestor.]

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    Hello, both religion and science go hand in hand when you look at the whole picture. Sometimes they disagree. But sometimes religions - disagree.

    Diversity is a great thing; it’s what makes us very different and its very much life. Some people can't accept that. But on a whole I find the science forum to be very much in an acceptance state, aside from a few.

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    welcome to the forum! i'm pretty new myself but as you will see their is a lot of diversity in this forum and their are religious topics which i have eagerly posted on...i think you will have a great time and start posting straight away!
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