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    I am currently working on a scifi series. Actually, I have several separate series ideas, but I've only gotten 75% of the zeroth draft (that's right: zeroth. Its that bad) done of the first book of the series I am currently working on. And I have not published anything yet.

    I strongly prefer that known physics be presented accurately. For example, almost all TV shows banking ships and funnel-shaped black holes. Annoying. Another thing is the lack of variety in planets. The list is long.

    I do accept hypothetical physics and technology, such as shields, FTL travel, and artificial gravity. In fact, telling me that FTL isn't possible is the way to get on my really bad side. New physics does not in any way need to contradict current phyisics, it only improves on them or is used for an area where current physics is unknown or doesn't apply. An example of something that our current physics is unknown/doesn't apply is an alternate space, commonly used in fiction for FTL.

    I also like detail, which helps ensure accuracy. In shows I've watched, when the characters visit a new planet, they rarely state its size, distance from the sun, surface gravity, etc. Hey, they even forget to check if its atmosphere is breathable!
    Detail can be applied to fictional tech in an altered sense. I plan on figuring out the energy requirements for the hyperdrive in my current series. I have already derived a neat little equation for determining the distance at which the hyperdrive will shut off due to gravity, which varies between different planets. It is based on realworld physics: the gravity difference between the two ends of the ship.

    Different series/books will have different levels of tech, depending on their "feel". For example, in one story humans do not have shields and must rely soley on armor, evasive manuevers, and point defense. In my current series humans do have shields in addition to the other defense methods.

    Generally, I do not plan on discussing my fictional tech here too much for the following reasons:
    1. people will steal my ideas!
    2. this site seems like it would very much prefer a discussion about known science, not fiction science.
    3. people will take my ideas!
    4. people will copy my ideas!
    5. people will rob my ideas!
    6. people will steal my ideas! (wait, did I already say that one?)

    Whereas lasers, armor, point defense, space elevators, sublight engines, fusion power, terraformation, exobiology, aerospaceplanes, vacuum tunnel maglev worldwide transportation, quantum computers, quantum encryption, wormholes, interstellar governments, planetkillers, asteroid bases, orbital defense stations, astromining, exolinguistics, space warfare, planetary systems, space colonization, antimatter warheads, supersonic alien birds, futuristic shotgun, robot combat drones, human-alien-alien three-race alliance, stability of a three-moon superEarth system, partially contructed Dyson sphere, Stanford torus like rotating space station, terrestrial planet larger than Neptune without it turning into a jovian, jovian planet with breathable oxygen atmosphere, should be fine to discuss.

    Maybe because of the sheer number of those things is why I'm only three-fourths done with the draft of the first book...


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