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Thread: Hello. Science Teacher to be.

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    Hi, just thought I'd pop in and introduce myself. I am currently in a science education cert program. I've got a background in psychology and biology, with a fair amount of focus on developmental psych and neurology. After a stint as a youth mental health worker, I decided I realized that I was teaching kids science more often than counseling them, and I should be teaching.

    I'm 25, Seattle area, an INTP, fascinated by astronomy, botany, ecology, entomology, and neurology, especially areas like deep brain stimulation and similar technologies- putting wires into brains seems barbaric, but the results are incredible. My mother programs the DBS systems, so I've had some experience with them, but more would be appreciated. If anyone is involved with stuff like that, I'd like to learn more about it.

    I'm also interested in meeting other science teachers, and learning effective ways to teach difficult concepts. I'm currently working as a tutor for the mental health agency in a special project, but most of the individuals I work with require math help, and while I'm getting good at teaching that, I would like to gain more science teaching skills.

    Anyway, pleasure to meet you.

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    Hey, welcome aboard.

    I've thought a lot about going back to uni for certification to teach science, but I'm enjoying my youth for the moment. I need more than a year out of university before going back .

    Not sure there are too many other science teachers on the forum, I know Mitchell in the religion section teaches physics, but I'm not sure how active he is lately. Nonetheless, I'm sure people would be happy to give you feedback, whether it be amateur or experienced.

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