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Thread: Nice to meet you all

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    My name is pygirl I just joined your website. I decided to google for science forums to find some intelligent people to talk to and looking through your site seemed promising!

    I just graduated in May with an associates in Chemistry and I am currently enrolled in a university for my bachelors in Biochemistry. I love chemistry, laboratories are so much fun! I am also sufficient in mathematics, physics and biology.

    I have some personal hobbies that relate to science as well. I actually breed and sell certain snake species. Like any animal breeder, I have developed an extensive knowledge into genetic trait inheritability and I love talking about recessive and co-dominate traits.

    So, if you are interested in discussing something you have similar interests in, please PM me, I always appreciate a good discussion!


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    Welcome! I hope we can offer stimulating and intelligent discussions here at The Science Forum!

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    Welcome. Your hobby should equip you to handle the small numbr of reactionary snakes who appear from time to time. :wink:
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