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    Hi, I'm Mad4Microbes, a wannabe researcher working with S. Typhimurium, largely for fun at the moment due to a lack of funding and so far incomplete honours degree (long and complicated story, I took a some time out to work as an RA to make sure I actually like research before applying to do a PhD, and to gain experience/knowledge which I can hopefully use to graduate with a 1st class honours degree at the end of next academic year).

    I am interested in bacterial uptake/export systems, such as ABC-transporter systems, their role in virulence and as potential targets for antimicrobial therapy mainly, along with the potential relationship between microbial infection and the onset of autoimmune disease. I work in a relatively small academic institution with a great bunch of people, for a researcher who goes out of her way to pass on as much of her knowledge as possible to me, and I love it.

    I've joined the forum to share what I have learned, gain new knowledge, and discuss science with people who are not going to switch off and give me that 'no, not again' look when I mention a microbe

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