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Thread: hey, I have some ideas...that I will post, but this is hello

  1. #1 hey, I have some ideas...that I will post, but this is hello 
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    Ok, I'm dan, and sometimes I come up with strange ideas because half of my perception of anything is in my head. I am always thinking, just not anything relevant to me because it stresses me out. I often spend a large amount of time just thinking, while listening to music. People may not understand how my thoughts connect, but they do if your looking in the right place. I have interest in science and technology, but I will listen to any discussion thats directed to me, giving it a fair hearing, as long as I have the attention span, knowledge, and as long as its not initiating conflict. I don't check the computer that often, and I have a fair amount of health problems, including tendinitis. I sometimes don't check my email for a month. So hello, and I will post when I feel inclined. I always respond though (as long as it seems I should). Hello...

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