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    My name is Ronald Williamson… but I call myself Ron… but everyone knows me as Rusty!

    I live in Rancho Penasquitos, an awesome rolling hills suburb of San Diego, CA with my wife of 36 years Denise and our 2 dogs. My wife and I are comfortably retired and truly blessed in every way. We have two children – Stephanie and Christopher (34 and 31 respectively) who are the greatest kids anyone could hope to have. We've stayed very close and we see them weekly.

    Our house sits on the rim of a canyon, and the wild area out back has helped get us into birding. We spend part of the year at our cabin at Big Bear Lake which, next to San Diego, is our second favorite place in the world. We have all the toys two people could want (I have a full-blown animation studio at home!). We give to various charities and have a Charitable Remainder Trust and, last but not least, we have a great financial advisor. We both came from poor families and worked our butts off in our careers and flipping houses evenings and weekends to get where we are today. We love our lives. If we were to die tomorrow, we could truthfully say that ‘we lived full lives and had the best of all of it!’ (Or, I’m glad we’re in this parallel universe!)

    I was, for 20 years, a programmer/sw designer/project leader/MIS and everything in between. In my ‘spare time’ I wrote technical articles in the 80s and 90s for Computerworld. I am currently working on writing my first science fiction book – I’ve been dreaming up sci-fi stories since 1976. I’ve always had a keen interest in cosmology and quantum mechanics reading all the ‘armchair’ level books and articles I could find on these and related topics (and wishing I knew the ‘math’). My wife was a legal secretary for 30 years and also has her Real Estate Sales License. As mentioned we invested in RE for three decades but, most rewarding of all, during that time, we helped many couples get their first homes and/or get started in Real Estate.

    My response: ‘There’s always an answer.’
    My advice: ‘Buy Real Estate!’


    Rusty Williamson
    3D Animator

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    But 'this' parallel universe? Maybe now it's 'that' parallel universe. :wink:

    Is the new address for speculative evolution.
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    Hi to all.
    I am new one for this side. It will be great help of having chat and discussions with you guys. Hope the chats and the discussions will be interesting and full of knowledge.
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