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Thread: I'm hope to become a 'magician'...

  1. #1 I'm hope to become a 'magician'... 
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    To the unsophisticated mind, any form of sufficiently advanced technology appears as magic. (My restatement of Clarke's 3rd law)

    Call me Mede, and I intend to baffle the world. My interests lie in biotechnology and renewable energies, my dreams, in healing the world from its greenhouse sickness, and averting some future pandemics.

    A few of my 'not-so-amazing' interests are in sports, manga (bleach, naruto, claymore) and video games.

    I would love to meet anyone who shares a similar passion for any of the above, or any other aspect of science in general.

    PS- Permit me to say that it's really an honor to join this wonderful gathering of great minds.

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