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Thread: Looking to discuss present day issues in the world.

  1. #1 Looking to discuss present day issues in the world. 
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    To all who read,


    I came to this forum in hopes to meet other creative individuals who like to research and discuss different aspects of what I am interested in. My interests include environmental sciences, health science, human behavior and politics.

    Some topics to ponder:

    The need for environmental police. Is there a need? If so how big is the need? What is their goal? How will the organization support themselves? Are there enough people who care to accomplish the job? I could go on for ever...

    Why does one person get sent to jail over petty drug crime when companies like Monsanto get away with killing people because of the toxicity of their products. Products that by the way will continue to affect peoples' generations? What I mean is what/how does our government function?

    When will the change in human culture come in America? what data and what factors one would calculate and if it forms some sort of mathematical function or graph.

    The two ways include by nature or by human creations. ei human die in their own filf or mother nature distros
    What I preach and some times fail at doing myself:

    1. research before you buy
    2. consume less and less and less.
    3. learn to grow your own food
    4. care
    5. love
    6. balance
    7. do unto others as you would like to have done to you.
    8. Everyone needs to be an environmentalist.
    9. self control/discipline

    w/e I'm just rambling hope you enjoyed a piece of my brain, GreenTree. Another NEW B.

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    You might wish to start a couple of threads addressing the points you have raised. That would allow discussion of them in the proper place.

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