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Thread: Hi everyone, old & new

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    I've just registered in this site so here I come to introduce myself...

    I've been a science lover since ever. Nothing thrills me more that "that" feeling when I got to learn something fresh and new... it happened to me just a couple of days ago and it was the final push to look for a place to debate Science.

    My favorite fields are Astronomy, Biology, Physics and Aeronautics, yet I am not a professional in any scientific/technical field, nor have got any higher (university) education... I just have read books by the tons. Well, not as much as tons. Some 2,000. So any mistake is mine, not of the authors...

    About my nickname... well, I had wanted to use this nickname somewhere for some while ago, and this place suits well to it. Lucifer, as you may know, means amongst other things "which brings the light". And that is my intent within the humble reach of my abilities -to help others when I can, and to enlighten myself with what others have to contribute.

    BTW, along time I've got the use to register myself under different names in different sites. As there's people here who I know (and they know me) from other sites, I just want to inform that "Lucifer", "Bill Bones", "Major Zee Lee" and "Titus Andronicus" are a same person... me. 8)

    “If the misery of the poor be caused not by the laws of nature, but by our institutions, great is our sin.” -Charles Darwin
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    welcom to the science fourm, major.

    i think i recal mettign you on its all politics at one point or another!
    have fun.

    you like to read? what sorts?

    Stumble on through life.
    Feel free to correct any false information, which unknown to me, may be included in my posts. (also - let this be a disclaimer)
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    Welcome !
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucifer
    My favorite fields are Astronomy, Biology, Physics and Aeronautics,
    A nice eclectic mix! Welcome.
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