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    Hello,i am a complimentary therapist. having worked in mainsteam health (cancer care) in NHS i decided to look wholistically at our 'state' after 9 years of this work, i am still amazed at the miracles i witness, the ability of the human being to heal its self - and importantly, if it WANTS to. It seems we have a choice to remain in illness or not, depending on what the rewards are, e.g. support systems, reasons to be well. it is down to the individual to make a commitment on a spiritual level, before the body will take it on. Science doesnt provide us with all the answers. cool logic alone is not enough.Have read all the self development books, which only serve to enforce that feeling of not feeling whole and well, much like magazines promoting low self esteem do. I have spoken to many who travel the truth seekers path in thier own way, from astral travelling to detoxing on mountain tops and all find thier own 'truth' Love seems to be key in wellness.
    Am reading your thoughts and feeling them.
    Truth to anything is always within.

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    You do realize this is a science forum, right? I look forward to your posts with regard to scientific and evidence-based medicine, therapy, etc, but most of the "complimentary" (with some few exceptions) claims are bunk and marketed angles at exploiting those who are health conscious or truly in need of a physician's care (a real physician).

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    There is abundant evidence for the importance of belief in the healing process. If that were not the case drug companies would not spend millions in seeking to eliminate the placebo effect from their drug trials.

    Moonmaid, I hope that wasn't a hit and run, copy and paste, I've got the answer and you haven't, type post. Assuming it wasn't, then welcome.
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    Hello, and welcome to the forum.

    I agree that science does not provide all the answers (it may never will) at this moment in time. Perhaps with further discoveries and advancements in scientific theory, observation and practice, it might one day be found that psychology's references to "beyond empathy" isn't simply an idol reference. Anyone with an open mind cannot deny possibility and anyone with a little patience shouldn't deny science a chance. I'm sure I don't have to debate the advancements in the last few hundred years and how impossible it would all seem to someone from the 18th century.
    On the event of definite system collapse, please share a cup of tea with me before totally succumbing to madness.
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