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Thread: Hello everyone

  1. #1 Hello everyone 
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    Hello, I'm Robert Bertram.

    I'm currently 16 years old. I am attempting to pursue application to Yale. I'm graduating from high school one year early, and am taking all honors and advanced placement classes next year (Junior/senior year) with the exception of college prep Algebra II.

    In my classes, I'm an underachiever. This is mainly because, I am mainly in college prep classes right now. Quite frankly, my intelligence and comprehension/understanding of even our very existence supercedes that of my classmates in these classes. Why am I in low level classes you say? I'm not challenged in classes, and so I'm not given the chance to show my intellectual abilities. As such, year after year, I'm recommended for college prep or standard classes. The topics we discuss in them lose my interest fairly swiftly, due to the fact that I already understand what we are going over, because I've either studied it before on my own time, or don't feel like wasting my time writing reading summaries on Catcher in the Rye, or Fahrenheit 451, when I could be expounding on my scientific theories and mathematical theorems.

    I'm not a grade A student at math. Or rather, geometry. I can read and translate binary into English, and am fairly very comprehensive of Algebra and like to study in abstract mathematics. I hope to be accepted into Yale, and if not, Dartmouth, Cornell, Harvard, Princeton, or Stanford. If none of them, then whatever other colleges fit my liking.

    I hope to have an enjoyable time discussing science on this forum, and welcome you to discuss with me.

    Best regards,

    Robert Bertram

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    Welcome to the forum Robert.

    Never confuse attacks on your ideas with attacks on you.

    I hope you get into the University you are aiming for.


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